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4D Dinosaurs Encyclopedia will allow kids to travel back in time and see incredible lifelike reptiles with their own eyes! Young readers will be able to feed different dinosaurs, learn the difference between herbivores and carnivores, control the movements of the mysterious giants and compare their size. AR Camera mode will help explorers to take awe-inspiring pictures and record awesome videos with ancient monsters and surprise their friends!

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4D Dinosaurs Encyclopedia features 33 unique dinosaurs from the most known species to the ones that are rarely mentioned in popular editions. 42 augmented reality scenes will come alive on the pages of this book with cool animations and mini-games. Realistic sound effects are based on the scientific research of the structure of the internal organs. Watch 24 interactive scenes of the Mesozoic Age carefully recreated by 3D artists according to the scientific data obtained by the University of Alberta, University of California, Natural History Museum in London and many other.

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