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Go on a real space mission and visit the distant places of our galaxy with Space Encyclopedia in augmented reality! Explore stars, planets and satellites, as if they were within your arm's reach.

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Augmented reality space encyclopedia will help kids learn about the structure of different planets, their distance from the Sun, temperature of the surface and location in the Solar System. By tapping on a special button, young explorers can call a robot assistant that will tell them about the space object they are looking at.

This book contains easily understandable information on how and where stars are born, what the difference between astronomy and astrology is, and whether there are other habitable planets in the universe.

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Space encyclopedia features information about 62 objects from the most known to the ones that are rarely mentioned in popular editions. The space objects described in this book were created by 2D and 3D artists based on scientific data obtained by NASA, University of Copenhagen and many others.

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